Kagga & Partners’ Engineering and Management Solutions Bring Innovation to Oil and Gas, Hydro and Road Projects alike 

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Kagga & Partners’ Engineering and Management Solutions Bring Innovation to Oil and Gas, Hydro and Road Projects alike 

By Kagga Admin | October 5, 2023

World Business Journal talked to Eng. Abdu Kagga, Chairman of Kagga & Partners (KAGGA), about his company’s growth from house painting to an international engineering consulting firm working across the infrastructure spectrum. 

Could you please provide an overview of Kagga & Partners (KAGGA) company, including your company’s beginnings? 

I founded our company in 1974 when I was 30. We initially carried out modest projects such as house painting. However, during a period of political instability, we had to interrupt activities and relocate temporarily to Nairobi. Upon my return, in 1980, I reestablished KAGGA with a primary focus on water-related projects. This was driven by our recognition of their vital importance to local communities. However, as time evolved, so did our expertise. We diversified our portfolio, offering a wider range of engineering and management solutions across various sectors. Our transformative journey to becoming a prominent consulting firm has been characterised by resilience and adaptability. 

Can you provide insights into the ongoing projects currently undertaken by your company?

Our company is currently involved in a diverse array of projects spanning various sectors. 

  1. In the oil and gas domain, we are engaged in the Kingfisher project, overseeing the construction of well pads and infield roads. 
  2. In road construction, our attention is on the extensive Tororo—Mbale—Soroti—Lira—Kamdini Road Corridor, covering a distance of 340 km. 
  3. Within the energy sector, our efforts are directed toward implementing the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and related services at the Isimba Hydropower Project, among other initiatives. 

Could you please elaborate on your international collaborations and their significance? 

Beyond Uganda, we are actively contributing to projects in Mombasa, Tanzania, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and South Sudan, particularly in the construction of roads, water supply systems, and a One-Stop Border Post (OSBP), the new concept for immigration control and border management in the East Africa region. 

Additionally, we are engaged in Somaliland for the development of the Hargeisa Bypass Road project. Fostering international partnerships has played a crucial role in our company’s growth. A prime illustration of this is our collaboration with Acres International (now Hatch) in which we became involved in a number of ambitious hydropower projects, including the Owen Falls Hydro-Power Extension Project. Collaborating with Tullow Oil, Uganda, gave us the opportunity to take part in the dynamic oil and gas sector. 

These partnerships go beyond mere cooperation; they’re a conduit for knowledge exchange, enhancing safety standards and stimulating our collective progress in the competitive global landscape. We’re not just working together; we’re forging stronger bonds with international and regional allies, shaping industries, and innovating for the future. 

What is your vision for the company in the coming three to five years? 

I cannot predict the future, but over the past two decades, I have been less involved in the day-to-day operations, and I can tell you we have a robust succession plan in place. We also aim to consolidate our existing operations rather than pursue extensive expansion. 

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