Oil & Gas Production

Oil & Gas Production

KAGGA supports the Oil & Gas exploration companies in the design and supervision of construction for the civil works in the Albertine region in western Uganda. The design process includes field investigations and surveys, pavement designs subject to RIG specifications, Cellar designs, and modifications to suit the purpose. Other considerations in the design and construction supervision include Environmental, Health, and Safety policies.

As part of the strategy, KAGGA staff have undergone and had several training sessions in EHS to support oil and gas production.

The related designs carried out to date include:-

  • Well pad designs
  • Oil field camp facilities
  • Jetty to support the movement of
    equipment on Late Albert.
  • Airstrip
  • Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and
    Settlement Action Plan (RAP)

Other related works include;

Route assessment, evaluation of the road pavement, and evaluation of the structural integrity of bridges to carry the heavy load.

Oil exploration requires a well-networked road for easy movement of equipment and staff.

We provide consultancy services for feasibility studies, design, and construction supervision for;

  • Well Pads
  • Access Roads
  • Construction Support Bases (CSBs)
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) support

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