KAGGA views itself as a one-stop center for sanitation infrastructure engineering solutions for communities in developing countries and thrives to provide long-term resilient sanitation solutions whilst meeting the industry’s environmental regulations. We partner with our clients to deliver engineering solutions that foster sustainable communities.


At a household level in emergent countries, the ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine is the most important, affordable, and appropriate on-site sanitation technology for use in urban and rural settings. KAGGA has extensive experience in the design and implementation supervision of VIP latrines for urban and rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa. KAGGA explores emptiable, alternating, lined, or raised VIP latrine design options to meet client’s requirements and those of the communities for which the VIPs serve.


KAGGA adopts an integrated and participatory approach to providing faecal sludge management solutions to its clients, ensuring that it assesses and understands the sanitation practices of the communities requiring faecal sludge management. Sanitation practices vary from one community to another and as such KAGGA undertakes thorough assessments and stakeholder engagements to ensure that solutions are tailored to meet actual needs. The technology adopted by KAGGA to meet client needs ensures that the actual faecal sludge quantities and characteristics are treated and that effluents and end products such as dry sludge, humified sludge, biomass, biogas, compost, and building materials achieve acceptable levels of treatment that minimize risks to public and environmental health prior to re-use or safe disposal.


Through a detailed analysis of the horizontal and vertical flow of solid waste materials and the application of national and international best practices, The KAGGA team delivers innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet clients’ solid waste management needs. The company’s vast experience informs its capability to accurately estimate capital and operation & maintenance costs to provide clients with the ability to make informed decisions and to balance trade-offs regarding design and operational alternatives.


KAGGA adopts a tier approach in integrated wastewater management follows through prevention principles, resource recovery, and end-of-pipe pollution control. The end-of-pipe wastewater treatment option is designed based on the result of a comprehensive water footprint audit, assessment, and categorization of wastes and wastewater generated by our clients’ facilities. These facilities include but are not limited to institutional buildings, industrial parks, and mixed developments. KAGGA envisages that facilities adopt eco-innovative integrated water management strategies to enhance Resource Efficiency and Pollution Prevention (RECP) at source, reuse, and recycling within facilities. Wastewater can be used as an alternative secondary water source for development and a resource for recreation, production, and wealth creation and not a waste.

Converting wastewater or sludge to energy is explored by the KAGGA team as a mechanism for adaptation and resilience to climate change. This helps to maximize resource efficiency (especially material, water, and energy), and productivity, improve profitability, and reduce the pollution load in wastewater and the volume of wastewater generated/discharged by facilities with multiple recurring benefits to both the regulator and private sector.

We provide consultancy services for feasibility studies, design, and construction supervision for;

  • Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) Latrines
  • Faecal Sludge Management
  • Solid waste Management
  • Wastewater Management
  • Landfills

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