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About Kagga & Partners

KAGGA is managed by four Directors who are broadly experienced in Engineering, Law, Accountancy and Management.  The firm's core staff consists of Engineers, Geologists, Economists, Surveyors, Technicians, Environmentalists, Social Scientists and Administrative support.  This figure occasionally goes up when regular contract staffs are called in to assist in specific projects.

Eng. Abdu Kagga, C.Eng, R.Eng, Pr. Eng

The founder and Chairman, Eng. Abdu Kagga has 53 years of experience. He oversees our strategy and international operations.


Eng. Peter Magambo, R. Eng
Managing Director

Eng. Peter Magambo is responsible for the overall management of the firm; He is a Fellow of the Institution of professional Engineers and a Registered Engineer in Uganda.  With 34 years of experience, Peter oversees the Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste projects as well as providing contract Management oversight of all the projects.


Eng. Fred Lwanga, R.Eng
Executive Director – Technical 

Eng. Fred Lwanga is a Registered Engineer, Uganda and is overall responsible for the technical performance of all the projects in the firm. He has 33 years specialist experience in Highway, Structures, Geotechnics and Oil & gas.


Meme Kagga
Manager Projects

Meme holds a Masters Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Management. She is in Charge of the firms’ Energy, E&M activities and Projects Coordination.