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Sectors & Services

KAGGA aims at providing safe and adequate water supply and promotion of sanitation facilities in order to improve the health and productivity of the population living in the project areas.
We provide consultancy services for feasibility studies, design and construction supervision for;

  • Water Supply Systems for Urban and Rural Communities
  • Water for production – Animal watering and irrigation
  • Ground Water Mapping and Assessment
  • Sewerage systems
    • Conventional sewerage treatment works and waste
    • stabilization ponds
    • On-site sanitation facilities including VIP latrines and septic tanks
  • Solid waste disposal

KAGGA carries out feasibility studies, engineering designs and construction supervision for water supply systems.We undertake water resource investigations involving hydrological studies for surface and ground water sources; water quality analysis, topographical surveys, geotechnical investigations, demographic studies and water demand assessment, social –economic studies to determine service levels and affordability, planning and design of water treatment works, pumping and booster stations, transmission mains, water storage reservoirs; design of distribution pipe network including appurtenances; environmental and social impact assessment and assessment of operation and maintenance requirements.
We provide alternative system scenarios which are subjected to economic analysis and other indirect benefits.

KAGGA has experience in the design of sanitation facilities ranging from simple on- site facilities including latrines (traditional and Ventilated Improved Pit latrines ( VIPs) and septic tanks for households and institutions to conventional sewerage services for urban areas including sewer networks and sewerage treatments works; drainage in urban areas and solid waste disposal