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Corporate Social Responsibility

At KAGGA, we pride ourselves with working with people around places where we operate – we do this through improving on their livelihood within their local communities.

As part of our Social Responsibility, KAGGA constructed and donated an office block worth UGX 10m to Kiwoovu LC1 Zone, Mulago Parish, Kampala Uganda

KAGGA undertook the following works at Nabagereka Development Foundation;

  •           Repairing the water system and sanitary facilities in the Kitchen, old dormitory block and installation of a water tank to supply the new dormitory block with water.
  •          Drilling and installation of a bore hole at the school.

In addition, office supplies are contributed to running of the offices

-          Assessment of the schools water supply system for necessary repairs.

-          Restoration of carbon filter and ultra violet water treatment system to provide drinking water to the students at Kings College Budo.