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Sectors & Services

KAGGA were awarded a contract for the Design and Site Supervision for Construction of 5 Lower Secondary Schools in Mecufi, Pemba Metuge, Chiulugo, Milange and Alto Molocue (Lower Secondary Education Development Project (LOSEP)) in Mozambique by the Ministry of Education, Republic of Mozambique and funded Islamic Development Bank and Government of Mozambique in December 2011.

The Design and Tendering stages were completed in early 2013 and the Construction stage commenced late 2013 at the project sites in the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Niassa and Zambezia.


KAGGA’s full scope of works includes:

  • Design of 5 lower secondary schools;
  • Preparing Tender Documentation and undertaking Tendering process including assistance in Bid Evaluation;
  • Supervision of construction works up including in Defect Liability Period;
  • Supply of furniture and equipment for the five schools.

KAGGA project offices are located in Nampula. The various project sites are located long distances apart and in most cases, local air transport has to be used to access the various sites.

In both the Kampala and Mozambique offices, KAGGA is providing 12 staff involved on the project with various specialities including a Project Director, Team Leader (Structural & Geo-Technical Engineer), Architect, Electro-Mechanical Engineer, Sociologist/RAP Expert, Design Engineer/Resident Engineer, CAD Technician and 5No. Clerks of Work.

As of March 2014, the 5 Contractors were all on board and undertaking mobilization, earthworks, site clearance and setting out of the buildings.