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Sectors & Services

Efficient transportation system is key to the economic development of a Nation.

Good planning coupled with well designed and maintained infrastructure is essential for efficient transportation system. The main transportation infrastructure facilities KAGGA has been involved on include:

  • Roads
  • Transportation and Traffic planning
  • Railways
  • Ferry landing sites
  • Aerodrome/ Airstrips


KAGGA carries out feasibility studies, designs and construction supervision for highways, urban and rural roads. Activities  include but are not limited to; traffic studies, hydrological studies, geotechnical studies, geometric studies, pavement design, structural designs including bridges and box culverts, environmental and social impact assessment.
We provide alternative routing scenarios which are subjected to economic analysis and other indirect benefits review as a basis for recommendations.

KAGGA has experience in traffic planning and management studies and implementation of the solutions to enable smooth traffic flow and improvement in connectivity of road networks in urban areas.

Our experience in railway transportation has been in the review for repairs to existing railway line including designs for replacement of dilapidated culverts.

To facilitate water transport, KAGGA carries out feasibility studies and design of ferry landing facilities and construction supervision

KAGGA also has experience in design and construction supervision of aerodromes and airstrips.